Online poker comes in with multiple variations. Nah, we are not really contemplating the variations in game (they are not many). We are just mentioning the gaming style in online poker. You either play tight or you go for a loose play, it is up to you. The consequences in both cases differ a lot. There have been opinion on both sides and they have voiced many reasons.

You head in an online poker room and you play in two styles mostly. If you are a good online poker player you go for;

- Multiple games of poker at the same time. We can also say that you love to play different tables simultaneously

- In other case, you just stick to one table and try your skill and luck over there. Obviously, by table, we mean that you tend to stick to one poker room and one game mostly

To some players, multi-tabbing or multi tasking doesn't seem like a good choice. They usually like to have one window opened in online poker and stick to usual game. Of course, at this point, tight poker games come in with;

- Minimum room for errors

- Positive sense of progression

- Lower rate of committing errors

- Reduced variance in most aspects

Let us take a look at the side effects of tight play in online poker

- You will miss opportunities

- Your game play is reduced to 10%

- You will steal and bluff successfully

However, loose online poker game comes in with;

- You will lose money

- You will get paid out more

- Your bets will hold more value

In the end, you will have almost the same size of bank roll.

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