Optimal Strategy Video Poker

The game of video poker brings slot machines type feel to the classic game of poker, cybercasinopoker.com will surely keep you playing poker online. Following a video poker strategy is very important to winning and knowing how to calculate the perfect strategy is just the first step, Red Flush Casino provides awesome online poker experience on the internet.

What is Expected Value?

Expected value--or EV--is the expected statistical average of all of the possible outcomes in a single hand of video poker. Being able to determine the EV of any hand in any situation is the key to knowing which cards to hold and which to replace. Holding the cards that will result in the highest expected value is the best way to win--or lose less money--at video poker. Although EV cannot be relied upon for every hand in a short-term scenario, if this video poker strategy is followed over the course of millions of hands it is right on target. When used in combination with smart betting strategies and proper money management, it is absolutely the best way to play. Play it best here at Bwin casino, one of the best casino online in the market.

Determining Expected Value

Players must be able to determine the EV of any particular hand at any given time. In order to do this, it first must be understood that there are 32 possible hold combinations for any five-card hand. In order to figure out the EV of a hand, players will multiply the probability of a possible outcome by its value and then add the results. This may seem like tedious work, especially in a bricks-and-mortar casino. The good news is that when players use this video poker strategy in online casinos, there is software available to perform these calculations very quickly. Video poker aficionados will do well to make the investment. Guru Play offers different poker games you may enjoy playing online.

It is relatively simple to play video poker, but mastery is difficult to achieve. Time and patience can teach players about expected values and the optimal video poker strategy, but there is software available that will allow players' computers to do the work for them.